World Languages
ELL has a solution to support your organization's unique language-learning needs.

ELL has a solution to support your organization's unique language-learning needs.

Given the limited resources typically available, educators need to get creative and find effective, economic ways to expand world language opportunities for students. The World Language solutions which ELL offers combine eLearning with proven pedagogy and methodologies for easy integration into your institution’s world language program, extending its impact and reaching many more students.

Choose from an extensive collection of online learning objects organized in theme-based lessons and develop language skills through authentic texts and dialogues.

Our world language solutions provide both general and customized foreign language courses to individuals or groups, with each foreign language course designed to meet the institution’s particular needs, taking into account rhetoric and vocabulary specific to their communication goals and local cultural demographics.

The following foreign language courses are available:


All foreign language courses can be scheduled for individuals or groups and provided anywhere, anytime on any device.

The Audience

World Languages is suitable for young adults and adult learners ages 12+. Levels range from pre-reading to advanced.

What Users Will Learn

Users will start by learning the fundamentals of Portuguese, Mandarin or French at a beginner level all the way up to the advanced level. Content covers a wide variety of themes that are relevant, stimulating and make learning fun and easy.

Product Highlights
Beginner French / Portuguese / Mandarin
Rich collection of multimedia on authentic, interesting topics and themes
Dynamic, engaging activities and exercises
Explicit language explanations
Fully-Customizable Course
Learn other languages in a fun, interactive and stimulating environment
Guided writing and pronunciation lessons
Targeted at young adults and adults 12+
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