ELL Scholar, our flagship course, is a turnkey solution for blended English language learning. It is developed with a modern pedagogical approach. ELL Scholar integrates traditional learning components, such as online computer activities, with communication and enrichment activities. It also includes a variety of assessment tools. ELL Scholar is versatile and flexible, covering all aspects of English language learning.

The Audience

ELL Scholar is suitable for learners ages 12 and up. Levels range from beginner to advanced. A vital tool for both English teachers and students of all ages and abilities, this innovative English course provides teachers with a rich range of educational resources to choose from. It also gives students the chance to work independently, and pace and assess themselves through a series of fun and interesting lessons and activities.

What Users Will Learn

Users will learn the fundamentals of English, from beginner levels to advanced. Content covers a wide variety of themes that are relevant and interesting.

Learning Management System (LMS) that allows school administrators to customize the program
Full support for English teachers
Speech recognition tools, including The Studio and Speak2Me, which enable learners to practice speaking English and receive feedback at the phoneme level
Options for learners to meet objectives at their own pace and to study individually or in a teacher-led environment
An online Placement Test to determine where each student should begin learning
Over 3,000 activities in 900 hours of motivating learning
Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), and teaches English to learners from beginner to low-advanced levels (Pre A1-B2)
ELL Scholar conforms to major, internationally accepted curricula such as The Council of Europe Standards
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